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Car Finance


Supercars are a massive statement of luxury and wealth but purchasing a luxury vehicle can prove difficult. McLaren’s flagship supercar, the P1, can cost well in advance of £1 million so, in most cases, paying for a vehicle upfront doesn’t make financial sense. And gaining access to lenders that deal in supercars is often time-consuming and costly, which means you need specialist finance options. But Hectocorn’s Supercar Finance makes it easier for you to join the elite club of supercar owners.We can introduce you to specialist supercar lenders who don’t market their services publicly and prefer to only deal with people they know in a niche marketplace.


Supercar finance enables you to purchase one of the best cars in the world without making a significant lump sum payment. Instead, you borrow money to purchase the luxury vehicle and spread payments over a specific period. Supercar prices begin at around £100,000 but the rarest vehicles can cost millions of pounds, which makes buying one outright challenging to even the wealthiest individuals. So Hectocorn’s Supercar Finance doesn’t exist to make these vehicles available to everyone. Its purpose is to help ultra-high-net-worth individuals better manage their cashflow, plan their finances more effectively, and get the best finance package possible.


Luxury items like high-value supercars can’t typically be purchased through banks or even financial institutions that specialise in working with ultra-high-net-worth individuals. The level of risk involved means these organisations rarely give the green light for a loan to purchase a supercar.

Instead, specialty finance is the best way to secure a supercar loan. Hectocorn has rare access to this extremely niche market, enabling us to source and negotiate the best rates and terms from lenders. It’s also important to understand that these specialist lenders offer flexible terms and rates based on your specific supercar requirements and personal circumstances. Our Supercar Finance helps you spread payments over longer periods. That means you no longer have to liquidate existing assets or investments in order to purchase your dream car. We enable you to keep reaping the benefit of those investments while also driving that dream Ferrari or Lamborghini.


Buying a brand new luxury supercar may not be the best option for everyone. In some cases, you may prefer to lease a supercar, which can be a more cost-effective approach. One of the biggest benefits of leasing a supercar is you get a new vehicle every few years. That means you constantly have access to the latest and greatest supercars. At the end of your lease term, you return the vehicle and begin a new lease on another car or, if the car has appreciated value, you can buy it outright and sell it for a profit.

For example, you could lease a luxury Lamborghini worth £170,000 for around £2,000 per month. You’d pay £16,000 as a downpayment to begin the lease agreement and, if you kept the car for three years, you’d pay £36,000 in monthly payments. That’s a base total of £52,000 to own a £170,000 luxury supercar for three years. Leasing a supercar also helps you avoid ongoing maintenance costs, which can be extensive. However, the approach does have limitations, such as being limited to a certain annual mileage, so it’s important to consider how you plan to use the vehicle before moving ahead with a lease.


Our supercar finance works in a similar way to standard loans. You borrow money through a lender and the vehicle is typically used as collateral against the loan, which means it will be seized if you fail to make repayments. You’ll also need to pay a deposit, typically a downpayment that can be anywhere between 10% and 20% of the total value of the car. But the more you pay upfront, the less you’ll pay back through loan repayments. Hectocorn can help you borrow up to 90% of the total value of your luxury supercar. Like a regular loan, you can choose to have fixed or variable interest rates. A fixed-rate means you’ll pay the same amount of interest on repayments throughout your loan period, regardless of fluctuations in interest rates. A variable rate will see your payments change based on market rates.

Your supercar loan length relies on factors like the initial deposit you pay, how you plan to use the car, and the specific terms of your lender. A two-year term is typical but Hectocorn can help you negotiate longer terms, and a four-year repayment period is possible for more luxurious vehicles.

You can reduce the length of repayment term by locking in a final balloon payment option. This can be useful if your car appreciates value as the balloon payment is locked in – meaning your asset value increases without you paying extra. A balloon payment is common in supercar financing due to the significant value of the vehicle.


Securing finance for your dream supercar can be challenging and frustrating. Lenders are often discreet and don’t promote their services in public marketplaces and, due to the high value of luxury vehicles, some lenders may charge you fees well beyond the value of the car. Many of these specialist lenders are also reluctant to speak to buyers directly, instead preferring to negotiate with people they trust in this niche market.

Hectocorn’s Supercar Finance provides the introduction you need to gain access to these lenders and gain the best luxury car deals. Hectocorn’s market insight and relationships with specialist supercar lenders saves you the painstaking time and effort researching and sourcing finance. We’ll introduce you to specialist, trustworthy and verified providers, present the reasons why lenders should accept your application, and help you secure the best supercar finance deals.

Hectocorn helps you secure a personalised loan to purchase the sueprcar of your dreams. We help you benefit from better loans and repayment deals than you’ll be able to secure by speaking to lenders directly.

Discover how Hectocorn can help you secure the best deal to purchase your dream luxury vehicle.