Can Middle Eastern individuals purchase homes in London?

Hectocorn works with specialised lenders that accept multiple currencies, including the Bahraini, and Kuwaiti Dinars, the Emirati Doham, the Lebanese Pound and Lira, and the Saudi Riyal. We’ve also worked with ultra-high-net-worth individuals from Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and more countries across the Middle East, helping them to finance their dream homes across London and the UK.

Crucially, Hectocorn provides bespoke finance solutions and access to a curated network of lenders. Our expertise helps ultra-high-net-worth individuals understand the opportunities in the evolving property market, maximise their spending needs, and broker competitive rates. This is crucial to getting the best financial package when purchasing a property in high-end London locations.

Our established relationships with UK mortgage providers help buyers get the best mortgage deals and structure financial packages to best suit their specific requirements. We also take a proactive approach to maintaining and growing investors’ property portfolios, while keeping an eye on the ever-changing property market regulations.

Hectocorn also specialises in Islamic finance and Sharia-compliant mortgages, which means we can negotiate the best ethical deals for Muslim and non-Muslim clients. We put your needs at the centre of our process, considering your faith or culture-related circumstances and gaining the best rates and terms for your financial situation.

Are you looking to purchase a property in London to broaden your portfolio? Get in touch to discover how Hectocorn can help you invest wisely.

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